Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party incognito

My 2 nieces and 2 nephews are on summercamp. They love to get mail while they are there so I always try to send 'em something. I never send them a regular letter but always try to think of something fun. This year I found inspiration at Tara's blog. Tara, also known as Mamachee, is my crochet teacher in Alaska. Jip, weird but true. She taught me how to do it when I made my first pair of slippers.

Anyway, Tara has a fun blog called 'easymakesmehappy' and that is exactly what it does to me: it makes me happy! A while ago she posted a PDF-file on mustaches and I made one the other day to take to a party and it was a big hit.
I decided to make a party-pack with lots of party stuff and I included a mustache for my nieces and nephews. I hope they will love it & will move about incognito at the summercamp! :) Give it a try, it's really fun to make!