Friday, July 16, 2010


... packages are the best!
When I openend my mailbox last monday, I found this lovely package from Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas in there.
It was the box I wrapped the beads in she made at my craftparty so I was surprised to see it back. I loved the card with the poem that accompanied the box.

Een pakje met de post

Iemand heel ver hier vandaanheeft aan mij gedacht:
heeft iets in een doos gedaan ,
naar de post gebracht.

De doos is met de trein gegaan,
de trein ging door de nacht
en vanmorgen kwam het aan.
Wie had dat gedacht?

Willem Wilmink

Sorry, I can't translate it as it will loose a lot of it's charm in English.
I find poetry very hard to translate as my knowledge of the English language is not large enough to use words like poets do...

The package contained a lovely key holder made out of extraordinary crochet work and porcelain beads that she made at my craft party. The crochetting is done so fine and is just amazingly beautiful! I feel spoiled!
Thank you, Veerle! :)