Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guest post: Creating a simple and sweet logo

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By Vanessa Sky at

Branding starts with a good look and having a catchy logo is essential.
Here's how I created a simple and sweet logo.
I started with what I make, sculptures. Mostly trees with a funny shape.

So I began drawing dozens of trees with this shape, keeping it simple and clear. I wanted it to be easily readable 10 pixels high and in black and white.

I picked my favorite tree.

I then drew my name, including the tricky s's.

I scanned them, cleaned them up, and put them together.

I loved that white space. Then I sent them out to make rubber stamps since I wanted to stamp it into clay for more texture. You can use the stamps to brand your packaging. Here is where I get my stamps.

This was the look I wanted. I had the foundation of my brand and you can see the logo in action here.

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