Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving sheep

On the 5th of June, European sheperds and their 600 sheep departed from Berlin for a trek through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The trip will be 1200km long and they will arrive in Trier on the 17th of October.
They do this for the international year of biodiversity. Travelling sheep play an important role as they carry seeds and insects in their coat and they bring it to other areas so new plants have a chance to grow there too when they leave the seeds behind.
The sheep were in our area the other day so we went to have a look at them.
And jip, there's a black sheep among them too...
There was one sheep with a checkboard pattern on it's body and we called it the 'playsheep' but actually it was the sheep that got to be checked every evening on what kind of seeds or insects it carried in it's coat. What a job...I loved getting really close and shoot some nice pics of these little fellows...
You can check out the route on