Monday, September 20, 2010

Sewing results

I have mentioned a few times that I bought fabric and to tell you the truth: I think I'm becoming one of those hoarders of fabric as some of it is sitting on the shelves already. But some of it has actually turned into something.

Remember the fabric for the loungepants that I showed a while back?
The fabric was very cheap (3 euro or 4,90 $/meter) so excellent to experiment a bit. I used a Simplicity pattern (3539) as a base. I haven't learned how to do zippers yet so I'm still afraid of them. I also didn't make the darts as shown in the pattern because I was using an elastic band around the waist. It worked out fine and they are comfy and fun to wear.
I didn't iron 'em for the picture - sorry! :)
As I'm an absolute beginner, I am a bit hesistant to buy expensive fabrics so I just keep experimenting with cheap fabrics. This fabric below was 5 euro or 6,50 $/meter so I wasn't really afraid to start sewing with it.I made a skirt out of it. I made a pattern of a knit skirt that I like wearing and whipped this skirt up in about an hour and a half. *pats herself on her shoulder*
I like knit/jersey fabric as it gives me the freedom to make zipperless pieces which is quite important when you're zipperanxious! :)
I think it goes really well with brown stockings and a brown shirt.Fall can come now...