Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest post: Loves Ballet

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By Michelle from Road to Being

Since a young girl, I've written lyrics - tangles of words that described what stirred in my mind. I eventually realized that it was a great emotional release, to put what was inside, outside. Whether reading or writing it, poetry can be healing. It helps you feel grounded, connects you with feelings, and allows you to be expressive - to just be in the powerful, creative process.
I've always wished that I could be the next Van Gogh or Van Eyck, painting the images in my mind onto canvas, in ways that were breathtaking, magical. I've always envied painters more than poets. But with paper as canvas, and words as paintbrush, a poet can give my imagination inspiration that I think even Van Gogh would appreciate.
I hope you enjoy my poem.

Loves Ballet

At prides insistence
I whispered, in the distance
you’ll find yourself returning -
And bit my lip until it bled to stay tears that were burning
Gauzy love
was blowing through the air
while children ran round a fish-shaped fountain -
Then up red mossy stairs
And through my soft grey skirt
the coldness of the wall
was nothing like the sorrow -
Of the flight of love now stalled
As if they sensed
this tête-à-tête was of regret
the trees began to grieve -
Swirling round then floating down they cried a thousand leaves
And I
I longed to touch your face
My soul reeled from neglect and begged for one more taste
But while your eyes were lit lamps of concern -
The flames I used to see for me were now a fire that barely burned
And at guilt’s insistence
you said, in the distance
you might find the fog was clearing -
But that you’d spurned cupids pomp though it seemed your eyes were tearing
And the heaviness within my heart lurched against my chest
but I remembered vividly you said you thought it best
and I could try a magicians tricks but stubborn as you were -
To pull a talking rabbit from my hat to you'd just be obscure
I turned my face against an ill and chilly wind
I stood and one last look at you about did me in
My blurry eyes fell onto a hedge-shaped Queen of Hearts -
I longed to hide beneath her spongy cloak till you at last did part
Since now it seemed
the frozen ground
held an imaginary line, that I wanted to -
But dared not pass as we said goodbye
The children splashed in the fountain as I walked away
They snatched a plump orange goldfish but it made a grand escape
When I turned around, you were gone, and I wondered if you felt that way
Or if, like me, you were sad to see -
The death of Loves Ballet

Image by Ben Heine