Monday, December 13, 2010

Feeling hope

It's been a long time since I popped in here.
I didn't want to neglect you for so long and I truly missed you and this space.
It's been an emontional time for me and I'm sure I have not seen the end of it but there is hope and that's what counts...

First of all some news on my mom and how she's coping with her cancer.
She has had 3 chemotherapy's now and had her first scan last Friday. The chemo treatments make her tired and most of the time she does not have energy to do much of anything.
But when she feels OK, she makes sure to get out of the house and pick up her social life. She is not able to do things 100% as she used to but she's does it and that's what counts. She enjoys every moment that is given and lives it with all that she has.
At times like these, I know I still have so much to learn from her.

I felt sick in my stomach knowing that we had to go see the doctor today. You never know what news she'll bring but knowing that the doctor is such a beautiful and warm person, I feel that my mom is in good hands and being cared for in the best way.
She had good news to tell us: the metastases in her lungs shrunk and the chemotherapy is doing it's work. What a relieve it was to hear the news.
It certainly is not the end of it and it gives us hope more then anything...

I recently joined Etsy's Project Embrace team also called team EPE.
Etsy Project Embrace (EPE) is a Universal Coalition of Artists whose main purpose is to create awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. You can read a bit more in this beautiful Etsy article or check out their blog for more info

It's a team I have been wanting to join for a long time but I wanted to create something especially for the cause. And you know how things go with this: always postponing and procrastinating...
Since my mom has been diagnosed with cancer and I took some time off things, I suddenly had a clear vision of what I wanted to create: hope.
I wanted to make a feeling that shows there is hope in every direction. So I made a little feeling signpost. It can be a little hold on to for those who loose direction due to all different circumstances. Hope that points in every direction and there is really only one way to choose, the path to 'hope'...
I believe that people being diagnosed with a life threatening disease have to live on hope and 50% of the sales of this feeling will be donated for team EPE's causes.
You can check out my personal page on the American Cancer Society here!

Slowly I'll be back to blogging too. I decided that I don't need a schedule anymore and that I best blog whenever I feel like it. Less pressure on myself will make it more fun too.
I wanted to thank you once again for all the warm words and wishes that you send, for watching and reading my space and for being out there. I feel it and it makes my heart lighter!