Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flickr Favorites

It's been more then 2 months since I made a Flickr mosaic. Since I'm slowly trying to get back to my blogging mojo, I thought is was about time I posted some of my favorites again.
As much as I missed my blog, I missed Flickr too and I enjoyed browsing all those amazing streams to compose a mosaic that fits my mood today.
It's been freezing cold down here and we've had lots of snow and icy roads lately. Now it is starting to melt here and there and it looks plain ugly: grey, wet snow. All the magic of fluffy flakes & white carpets is gone and it looks rather blah!
I'm secretly starting to look forward to the new year and spring already - silly, as season-wise, winter only just started! *sigh*

Next Tuesday is the first Tuesday of the month & even more special, it's also the first Tuesday of 2011. So if you care to play by theme, I'd love to see what you would like 2011 to be for you...

I also looked back at the last time I played Flickr Favorites and picked my favorite: it's very expresive :)

If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and add a link to your to your blogpost (NOT your blog please) or Flickr. Click on the button below and fill in your name with the link to your blogpost or Flickr picture. I'll try to pop over to have a look at yours.
I'm trying out a new linking system so I'm crossing my fingers it works OK.