Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling native

I collected these feathers last fall.
I put 'em away & knew they would serve a purpose sometime.
In the beginning of January, I got a request to make a native feeling.
When I saw the drawing, I knew the feathers would add the perfect touch.
But of course I couldn't find 'em so I had to show the example with an eucalyptus leaf.Last thursday we went for a walk in search of feathers but of course, it's not the season to find feathers. So this weekend I searched high and low and yay, I found 'em.
It looks so much better then a eucalyptus leaf.
He's called Injun Joe.
And so is his brother...
So two Injun Joe's.
They look alike but they are a bit different due to the handmade nature.
I hope they will be loved as I loved making 'em! :)