Friday, February 18, 2011

Slipper(y) sewing

A while back, I found a fab tutorial of Heather Baileys on the world wide web and I thought I could perfectly adjust it to my size. So I enlarged the pattern and it looked like this.I decided that I wanted an anti-slip sole so I used anti-slip material for the sole and soft towel fabric (don't know the word in English) for the inside.
Then I put my foot on it to see it doesn't work like this. I'm not blond but I just don't have cute little babyfeet... A whopping 39 (US size 9) is what I have so it didn't really work out the way it was in my head! LOL
But how cosy do they really look? I love 'em and I really wish I could find a fun pattern to sew my own slippers. These small Itty bitty booties will be for a special baby...So if you know any good slipper patterns that use fleece or other soft fabric, please don't hesitate to share as I really want to sew my own slippers. And who knows, perhaps I even make you a pair too! :)