Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to make recycled decorative tape?

I love Japanese masking tape and the way it's used for wrapping gifts and decorating. It is fun to make your own tape with designs that you specifically want to use for a certain package. It's a great way to recycle some paper scraps that you kept around for god knows what reason...

Here is what you need:
Doublesided tape, cutting mat, cutting knife,
a variety of magazines, folders, newspapers, wrapping paper,...
Cut out a piece of patterned paper from a magazine.
Turn it around and stick a piece of doublesided tape on it.
Cut along the sides of the doublesided tape with your cutting knife.
With a paper punch, you can also punch figures out of the strip.
Take away the paper from the tape and stick it onto a giftbox.
Tada! How easy it is to pimp your packages with your recycled decorative tape!Update:
I just now see that Pascale from between the lines did a tuto on diy Japanese tape too not very long ago. I completely missed it but it's really rad! Check it out here!