Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 by 30

This was the seat next to mine on the trainride back from the beach yesterday.
Not sure if I'm allowed to bring this into our home as we have a 30 by 30 rule when it comes to bringing stuff home. Since we both love stuff/things we tend to collect more then we can hide when needed. :)
So a few years ago, we decided on the 30 by 30 rule which means that we discuss any objects that are bigger then 30cm by 30cm (12 by 12 inches) for permanent stay in our home. It's still unwrapped so I'll try to secretly give it a space as if it has always been there! Will show you what it is tomorrow.

We both tend to be very gentle on the 30 by 30 rule so it's more fun then bad really!
After all, when we discuss a purchase in front of a seller by bringing up the 30 by 30 rule, you can see 'em looking in unbelieve! LOL :)