Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Etsy

Earlier this week they announced the availability for tickets for the 'hello Etsy' conference in September in Berlin, Germany.
I couldn't be fast enough to grab a ticket as I just don't want to miss this event!
Not only the content looks fantastic but I also can't wait to meet lots of creative, likeminded people!

There are 4 big themes at the conference:

The business
: the nuts and bolts of establishing and running your micro-enterprise: Here we look at finance, legal, and time management.
The big picture
: the why and how of human-scale economies. Here we explore a broad range of ways to improve the world.
The product
: what you make and how you make it. Here we explore production, materials, presentation and function.

The market
: getting your product or service out there. All businesses need customers, how will you reach yours?

This summit is NOT only for Etsy sellers/buyers, it's open to all those who are interested in running their own business and sustainability.

I think it will be an amazing experience and wouldn't want to miss it for the world!
Besides, I have never been to Berlin so I might just add a few days extra to explore the city and surroundings. Anyone has tips for visiting Berlin?

Perhaps I'll meet you there? Hurry and get your tickets here!