Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Etsy - part 3

Listening to all those sessions does make a person hungry. But no despair, Etsy took really good care of that. The catering at the conference was simply sublime.
And if you had finished lunch, there was an opportunity to do some creative stuff. I sewed 2 lovely pillows from beautiful Marimekko fabrics. It was superfun to do something with my hands for a change. Listening and being quiet can make me restless especially in such a creative boosting environment. :)
Here's Judit sewing a bag with the help of Minna. You could also pass by the Etsy stand to get more information! Hey look, there's sweet Marta! *waves*
At the Burda stand you could doodle on a white sheet with fabric markers or sew-doodle with yarn. Fun! :)
And in the afternoon, the caterers served cake! YAY! Lots of them and so many different ones to choose from.
And for those that could resist the cake, there was fruit! Yum too!
I wanted to post a livestream of Hessam Lavi today who did a talk on 'building a search engine small business' but I couldn't find it yet. I found this session extremely helpful as I never even looked at SEO. Hessam Lavi is a great speaker who really thought about the content of his session and connected with the audience. When there were questions, he always repeated 'em which I found great as sometimes they got lost in space. Hessam Lavi also asked people to submit their SEO questions beforehand and answered to them here. So you can check that out too if you're interested to read more.
Happy weekend everyone! :)