Monday, January 23, 2012

Eén vierkante meter

For those who don't speak Dutch, the blog title says '1 square meter'. It's a new concept that I started up a while ago. I found an accomplice that is just as enthousiast as I am and we both set to work and hope that it will be a succes. Her name is Annemiek from TwoTreesWorld. She's also a ceramicist and loves anything handmade and special.

We felt it was time for something different on the fair/market scene. Instead of trying to take as much as you can, we thought it would be fun to take as little as possible. Just the very best of what you have and spread it out on one square meter. The 'less is more' - principle...
Another reason to keep it small is to give new makers & artists a chance to show the best of what they have without the pressure of having to fill a few meters.
We also hope to welcome people who actually make stuff and show people what they do & how they do it. It's always great to see work processes! We would love to see dialogue and enthousiasm for anything handmade. So, a concept that is accessible and fun!

To start all of this, I felt I had to open up a Facebook account even though I'm personally not a fan of Facebook. So I made an account under '1 vierkante meter' and for a few months, I was there entirely incognito. Haha, that was fun!
But yesterday, Annemiek and I deciced it was time to give up our anonimity so if you want to be our friend, don't hesitate to friend us on Facebook, blog or Twitter.
And if you are in the area and interested in taking part in the concept of '1 vierkante meter', don't hesitate to contact us at to receive an application form.

The event is on april 22th 2012 in Hasselt, Belgium.
It will be held in a beautiful industrial location and lasts from 10am till 5pm.