Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to recycle clay?

I've been playing with porcelain the past few days and then a lot of dried clay gets chucked into a little bowl. As long as the clay is not fired, you can still use it, even though it's dry.From the bowl, it ends up into a plastic container and I poor water over it so it gets all soggy and soft again.
Of course, in this condition, the clay is too soft so from the container it ends up on a plaster plaque that sucks the water out of the clay. I spread it out with a credit card and then scrape it off again.
When it feels all smooth again, I knead it thoroughly with my hands so that there is no air in between.
And now it's ready to use again. It's a pain to recycle clay as the process takes some time and patience but it always feels great to recycle. :)