Monday, September 24, 2012

Part of something bigger - volume 1

Last Friday, I received a package from Ama from Miss Minoes. I was very surprised and thought it was very sweet of her to send wishes and a gift for Julie. It was a text balloon that was made with wire and yarn. There was a word in the middle & I didn't really know what it meant but she wrote that the word 'als' meant dreams and fantasy but also that it was part of something bigger...
A bit mysterious to me and I actually searched the net to find if there was a meaning of the word 'als' but couldn't find anything really. So I let it go and reckoned that what Ama said would be true and I was happy with the pretty text balloon.
Today, the postman rang and delivered many packages from all over Europe. All from people that I know via Etsy. Hmm, I was very surprised and started with opening the envelopes from Austria. Baa from Baahar and Renate from Kreativlink send me the following: (the words mean 'a')
Then I opened a package from Belgium from Sandra from Zsazsazsu. The word on the hanger is 'small rose' accompagnied with rose petals and a beautiful, tiny, crocheted rose.
There was also a package from Germany from Ella from P8buttonart. It was a hanger made with buttons and the word says 'door'
Swee from Swiedebie (Netherlands) send two beautiful hearts and the words on there are 'as' and 'the'...
Inger from Ingermaaike send a mobile with a felted tree all the way from  Norway and the word 'as' was embroidered onto it.
Up until now I don't have a clue what all these words are trying to say but I suspect that there are more words on the way to complete it. After all, they seem to be part of something bigger...
I can't wait for the postman tommorrow. Thank you all for the sweet & very unexpected surprise for Julie!!