Thursday, March 27, 2014


About 5 years ago, I had an account on Facebook. After a while, I decided that I didn't like it anymore. I felt like it wanted to know too much about my personal life and I didn't like that, so I closed it.
Then I started organising 1m2 with my friend Annemiek. I opened a Facebook account under that name and started using it. After a while, I noticed that Facebook does have a positive effect business wise so I decided to open my personal account again. Much joy for my friends who have been trying to convince me for ages to be on Facebook but I kept holding back. Marta, you finally succeeded in the nearly impossible! ;)
I've been back on Facebook for nearly a year now and I see the effect it has on my business. A few weeks ago, I only had one participant for the workshop mould making. After making an event of it on Facebook, the course filled up within 2 hours. I think that's a sign of how powerful Facebook can be on you business. So, if you would like to add me as your friend, I'm here.
And while you're at it, don't forget to like my businesspage too please.
Looking forward to catching up with you on Facebook too! XO