Sunday, March 16, 2014

My cup of tea...

Deborah is one of the people who participated in one of my workshops 'working with transfers'. She makes beautiful illustrations and applies them to tea pots and cups.
I love her work: it's cheeky and fun and makes me smile.
Since she doesn't own her own kiln, she asked me to fire her work and I get to see all the goodies that she makes first hand. I just want to share some with you because she intricately incorporates her drawings onto the teapots making sure that the image which is already on it, is part of her design.

BEWARE! Cute unicorn overload!!!
Who wouldn't want to have his/her tea or coffee poored out of one of her pots?
I believe that some of these will be available at de Vitrine in Brugge next weekend. There are many more designs so check 'em all out if you are in the area!! :)