Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cure for traffic jams

A few times a week, I have to drive to work.
Taking the train is no real option for me, since I get stressed when knowing I need to catch a train and still need to finish stuff at work. There's only one train an hour so if I miss it, I'm doomed to spend at least an hour in this large and cold trainstation.
If I was a knitting-person, I would consider it... ;)
So, I drive. An hour each morning, an hour each evening and this normally three times a week.
The other two days, I work where I live so I can bike! YAY!
Today, I was stuck in traffic jams in the morning AND in the evening and it really gets to me. I'm more tired and just need something to cheer me up after such day...
I found a nice video on the EST-blog recently - and when I feel bad, I just turn that on. Try it, you'll love it too! :)