Friday, January 4, 2008

Flemish arts & crafts conquer the world!

Karlita, a die-hard Etsian and fellow EST-teammember contacted the press to tell them about One of the Belgian newspapers thought this was a very good idea so they wrote a story about three Belgian Etsy-members. So Karlita, Yasmin and myself were interviewed and photographed...
It says: 'From Los Angeles over Paris to Syndey. The handicraft of a dozen young Flemish artists and handcrafters gets sold around the world. Not that they signed big contracts with famous fashion or designcompanies. They thank their succes to a new American marketplace: You can call it 'the ebay of who sews, bakes or hammers'. About 60 000 creative people already sold about 950 000 of their creations on Etsy. These three Flemish ladies are amongst them.'

"Create, variate and enjoy"
Last couple of weeks I mainly sold items to admirers in Asia, Australia and United States. I enjoy the attention my work gets, but I enjoy making it even more. It keeps stress away from me. At the moment, doing Etsy is amusement and I can't live from the profit. is not only a marketplace but also a meetingplace. Via the forum you can have contact with people from all over the world, make friends and exchange ideas. also promotes a different lifestyle by looking at a whole different way at mass-consumption where personal contact has reduced to the absolute minimum. If you buy at, you 'know' who made it and everyone welcomes you with open arms.