Friday, March 20, 2009

Cute pouches

Last week, I saw this pouch in Heli'S blog. I couldn't wait for her to list it so I could grab it. :)
Since I started crocheting, I gathered some hooks and needed a pouch so I would not lose them. I looked up patterns for crochet hook cases but I just don't seem to have the time to crochet right now. This is just the perfect pouch for my hooks! :)
It's so cute & well made that I will have lots and lots of pleasure of it once I have more time to crochet again. Heli also added a beautiful card of one of her handmade paintings.
Ohh, and when I looked inside the pouch...
I found a tiny handmade envelope-pouch.
With a beautiful handpainted dogbrooch inside.
Look at the teeny tiny sweet note Heli wrote!
Thank you so much, Heli, I love my new dog!! :)

While I'm very happy with this new pouch, I'm saving up for one of Heli's bags. I know what I want and I want her to custom make one for me... Her bags are superunique, different and fun!
Heli has a wonderful blog and every friday, she invites an artist to share their day with all her readers. I love the 'friday is my day'-posts among many others she writes.

Talk about pouches... look what arrived yesterday:
Another pouch, just for my measuring tape, scissors, needles and... yummy Italian chocolate to treat myself when I'm done with a crocheting project!
Dany from Happybee sent it to me, just because...
I love the precious embroidery of bicycles she made on the linen! She did it with her embroidery machine - that must be a great toy! The colors are so happy and fun that it just makes me smile! I'll be using it with lots of pleasure. Thank you Dany, I love your sweet gift! :)
Dany has been a bit naughty though as one of the rules of the secret Easter Bunny swap was not to sent me anything. So, she gets a punishment of course...
Dany, you must handembroider this line: 'I promise that next time I will read the rules of the swap game properly and I will not sent the organiser anything'
Now, that will keep her on the right track! ;)