Saturday, March 21, 2009

The secret Easter Bunny is very active...

This is the fifth and last part of the series of questions I asked the European Streetteam Participants on the Secret Easter Bunny swap.
The question this time was: which sports or activities you participate in?

It seems that lots of people have time to do sports beside being creative. These are the kind of sports that they participate in:
  • running/jogging
  • cycling / mountain bike
  • walking/trekking/hiking
  • fishing
  • swimming
  • diving
  • fitness
  • ice-swimming (Waaaaahhh, that must be freakin' cold)
  • skiing
  • horse-riding
  • roller-skate in summer
  • bathing + exercising in swimming pool
  • badminton
  • aerobics
  • spinning
  • pilates
  • salsa/dancing
  • Yoga (different kinds)

And of course, some people don't do sports and reacted kind of funny. There are also people who listed other activities that they do and might interest you:
  • I’m lazy…
  • I'm not a sport type...
  • LOL...sewing is a sport???
  • not yet, just planning too.....
  • Window shopping is my main form of getting exercise
  • art galleries, meeting friends
  • Does WII Tennis count?
  • Sometimes I join to charities by crocheted/knitted items
  • being in nature
  • going into the fields looking for fossils and dinossaurs
  • craft making sessions