Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy package

Yay! Finally time to draw the winner of the happy package. Thank you all for entering the happy package give-away. Since the guessing of what the the plastic thingies were in combination of how many were in the bottles got too confusing, I changed the rules after the first few answers. How did I know I was asking the impossible? :)
So, to pick a happy winner, I put all the names in an Excel sheet and sorted them alphabetically. Then I tweeted if someone could give me a number between 1 and 56. Lovessunflowers was first and said number 22.
The lucky winner of the happy package is... Glasfaden aka Devi!
Congrats! I'll be making something especially for you this weekend & sent it next week! :)

So, what where these plastic thingies anyway? Have a look:
Lots of you were right about the piggybank. My dad turns 70 this sunday and there will be a big party. But what do you give a man who has everything he needs/wants? Yip, a piggy bank with a 70-supermanlogo! :) I'll be putting some cash inside so he can buy whatever he needs/wants.
My nieces are doing their communion on sunday so I made them choose their favorite feeling and made a piggybank out of it too! I bought for both of them an acrylic paintset and varnish so they can decorate it themself. They both are supercreative so I'm sure they will love to do that.
And believe it or not: it's mother's day too on sunday. So these salt & pepper shakers are for my mom:
It's all firing away right now so I do hope all comes out well or I'l lbe in big trouble! :)