Thursday, May 7, 2009

My creative space

My creative space today is the procteted kitchentable & the sink.
Recently, I fired some test tiles to test oxydes for the wall art feelings I'm working on. I bought all the supplies & know how they will more or less look but I love testing them out anyway. All these different textures will give different results and I'm looking forward to fire them & see how they've become. Like with paint, you can also mix oxydes together to get different shades of colors so I could make 1000 of testtiles that all look different but I'll go with the basics for now! :)
Oxydes consist of powder and you mix them with a bit of water. With a brush you apply it to the tile and let it sit for a few moments. Then you hold it underneath running water and rub the substance off. Some of it will stay in the texture of the tile so that it will give a slight color to the ceramics.
You don't get bright and happy colors with this but the effect is kind of rough & natural - I like it a lot.
I'll fire these tiles tommorrow and will show you sometime next week how they came out.

I also tested out some engobes by applying it very thin to leatherhard clay, let it dry and then scratched into it etc. These are engobes that I bought but when I have a bit more time on my hands, I'll be making my own as I have all the supplies at home. And like with the oxydes: many possiblities.
Ceramics really is a different world where you can explore endlessly...
I have to move my bum now and start claying so I can fire the kiln tonight. I made a few gifts that need to be fired by sunday so I don't have time to draw a winner for the happy package give away. But I'll do that tommorrow so if you haven't entered you can still do so...
Don't forget to enter the give away below! :)

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