Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to make sidewalk chalk?

You can purchase sidewalk chalk in stores, but that really takes away part of the fun. Making it at home is a great activity to do with your kids.
Children are always anxious to express themselves through their artwork & chalk art on the sidewalk is harmless and just plain fun.
Here is what you need:
Plaster, water, plastic icecream container (great excuse to eat icecream), tempera paint, toilet paper tubes, clay, papertape, scissors, plastic sheet or cardboard
Male sure you cover the table 'cause this can get messy.
Cut a few pieces of paper tape and attacht the toilet paper tubes to the plastic or cardboard.
Take a piece of clay and roll it into a worm.
Then press the clay flat with your fingers.
Put the clay around the toilet paper tubes and press firmly so no plaster can escape.
You can also do this with the tape but then make sure to use a lot of tape.
Make the plaster ready. Add 1 part of water and 3 parts of plaster.
All brands of plaster are different so it could be that you need a bit more plaster. The substance needs to feel & look like yoghurt.
I want to make lime green chalk so I'm going to mix green and yellow paint.

Then mix the paint underneath the plaster with your hand. I should have worn gloves 'cause doing this without gloves makes your hands go all dry.
When all is mixed well, poor the plaster into the paper toilet tubes.
Let the left over chalk dry in the plastic container and throw it away afterward. Do not rinse the container in the kitchen sink as the plaster will clog your drains.
Let it set for a while. It takes about half an hour to set.
Then remove the clay.
And remove the paper.
Peel of the remaining paper and use a wet cloth in case it's difficult. The wet cloth makes it easier.
And now you are ready to play...
I sent my partner off to play! :)