Thursday, June 18, 2009

My creative space

Oh joy, the opening of the kiln and it all looks supergood... or maybe not?
In case you missed one of the previous posts, I made some more samples to fire so that's why you see so many here.
When I touch and lightly press it, it feels very light and airy and... ouch breakable...
I used two different kind of porcelain clays for this & both apparently need some more investigation. The quest begins & not sure when it will end. The quest will involve lots of reading about all sorts of ingredients & making samples & it might take me months to find the right recipe... But hey, what a challenge ahead of me! I'm looking forward to it actually! :)This was a piece of sponge that I drenched in the porcelain clay & it seems a lot less fragile then the crocheted pieces. I can lightly press on it and it doesn't break so this tells me that I have to experiment a bit more in the solid direction...

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