Friday, June 12, 2009

Work in progress

The past few day I have been having fun with the mould I made the other day. I bought this bucket of liquid porcelain clay a few months ago & I have been eager to use it.
I experimented with coloring the porcelain clay with oxides and stains & I generally fooled around like a happy girl. I just love experimenting and the hardest part will be the waiting of these pieces to be fired.
I'm also making a slightly bigger mould to make bigger cups - I think I'm one of the people who will need a bigger cup. Are you a small or a big cup-person? :)
In a few days I will post the process of how to use this liquid porcelain clay - I was too busy playing to get pics for a tutorial! ;)
Oh, and the kitchenfloor is not liking me for playing around... And yesterday, Staci & Alex from 26 Olive Street wrote me that they featured one of my greeting cards in a Storque article about colormatch. A feature that allows you to upload one of your own pictures, add some tags to it & then it will go search Etsy for items in the same color hues. If you are a colorfreak like me, you are going to love this! Make sure to read the Storque article on Etsy.
Check out their shop too - it has unbelievable pictures of their items and is just freakin' cool!