Monday, August 30, 2010

New collaboration

A while back Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas asked me to make some beads for her and a little bit later she asked if I could make her some other stuff too. I was a bit tickled by the requests and we decided to do a collaboration instead.
What's the difference?
When someone asks me to make something, I try to make as asked. Then I sell and ship and that's the end of the story. It feels like a job.
A collaborartion leaves more space for thought. I can try out stuff and play to my hearts content. I can not only do what I've been asked to make but add a bit of me to it. I can experiment and it doesn't have to be perfect. I can send samples and she can just play to see if it works and then I can make the real thing. Yay!
Collaborating is exciting & especially in this case as we'll bring crochet and clay together - something that I have been wanting to do for ages...
It was one of the reasons I learned how to crochet but since I only know the basics, I think it's awesome to work with a master...
It feels like an adventure: exciting and inspiring. Can you wait?
A little update on the experiment I planned to do past weekend with the crochet beads I showed you in my creative space: when I found out that the base of the beads was solid wood, I didn't dare firing it in my ceramic kiln. I've done experiments with plant matter and paper, but never tried solid wood. I don't want to ruin the spirals of my kiln, alas I have nothing to show for I'm afraid.

made by Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas

But don't dispair, Veerle and I will hopefully show lots of exciting work in progress... and it will be one of a kind too. Double yay! :)