Friday, February 25, 2011

Merry go round

Every last friday of the month, I jump on the 'Merry go round'. What is the Merry go round exactly? Each month, a group of craftswomen from around the world join together and give their reponses to the same question/challenge.
We welcome three new members to the group this time:
Bethany at Dirksen Dabbles, Jen at Painted Fish Studio and Samantha at Vintage is for lovers. It will be lovely to get to know you better through the Merry-go-round. This months question was what our 5 favorite tools that you in your art/craft?
Aah, that's difficult as I have a few more then just 5 I'm afraid... so I'm going to cheat just because I can! :)
I made these many years ago from branches and nails.
Each and every one is used for specific textures for my work.My favorite pencil that I use for 'glueing' parts of clay onto clay with water or clay slib.
It's starting to get worn out and I'm already fearing it's end...
A rib tool with teeth for getting texture to the clay slabs I press in double moulds. After the slabs are in the mould, I use the rib tool to roughen the edges so that I can apply clay slib. And the big needle punches airholes into the bottom of the feelings.
From the thrift shop: potato knives for cutting my clay slabs.
I don't understand why these clay ribs have not grown onto my hands yet. They certainly are an extension of my body and I can't work without 'em. Some of 'em are plain creditcards, the blue and red ones are a bit hard and the grey ones are really soft ones. And those are the ones I love most as I use 'em to smoothen the feelings. I have two now but everytime I have two, always one gets lost...
My rolling pins for making clay slabs. All reclaimed: one from a broom, one from a rack from Ikea and one used to be a table leg.
Other tools I made myself after I had some wine... :)
Love using cork, pin needles and nails onto them. They are great for making textures into clay and are superfun to use.
I don't think clay tools are really exciting but I wouldn't want to do the job without these. I'll have to rephrase that: 'I couldn't do my job without these'

There are lots of other tools I love using but none of them are really indispensable and worth mentioning in the, ahum, 7 tools-that-you-love-using post! :)

Want to know what are the favorite tools of the other Merriers? Hop over to their blogs.
Please bear in mind that the members will be posting at different times of the day, depending on which world time-zone they are in :)

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