Thursday, February 24, 2011




The tulips only lasted for a week.
They look rather sad today just like the weather.

I thought I'd share the results of the pinching-experiment. The pinched tulips seem to stay straighter to me (on the left of the vase) but perhaps it's just the shape of the vase that's doing that.
Kim mentioned in the comments that they will not grow so long if you pinch 'em as by pinching you break a cell inside so the stem can't strech and grow, so the tulip will not grown much higher. She said that you can also use a sharp knife instead of a needle but to me that doesn't comply with delicate flowers and I'd feel like a flower butcher! LOL

Loddelina said not to put 'em in much water so I followed her advise too and chucked most of the water out and phew, had to watch carefully every day so that they wouldn't be without any.

And Shellsea provided another great trick which I tried out right away. She mentioned an easier method for both making the tulips strand up straight and open slower is to put a couple of pennies in the vase. I think I like this method best as it's hassle free and no stabbing is involved.

Thanks so much for all the tips & tricks to keep 'em longer.
I love tulips but for my studio I prefer lilies or roses as usually they still look good after a week.
*writes down 'flowers' on the shopping list*