Friday, July 13, 2012

Big hug

The other day, Nathalie from Pot en Papaver, pinned a fun idea on Pinterest that I just needed to make. My niece, Anne, (14) is on summercamp and loves to receive snail mail. But I usually don't just send a card or letter but always try to surprise her with something fun or silly. So when I saw the idea on Pinterest, I made my own  interpretation of it. I sewed a 'Big hug' scarf and added padded hands on the end. I hope she will love it! :)

Today I'm 30 days away from my due date but secretly I hope that our baby will arrive a slight bit earlier - just can't wait to meet, greet & cuddle. And really, for those who say 'enjoy your pregnancy while it lasts, you'll miss it once the baby is born'. Well, I can tell you that this last month is not exactly enjoyable for me so I rather have it over and done with. ;)
Unless you are willing to take over my numb hands, elephant feet and heartburn... But I shouldn't complain since these are really the only complaints I had during my entire pregnancy - I feel blessed!