Thursday, July 5, 2012


There is this tradition in Belgium that when you give birth, you have little gifts to give to the people who come to visit the newborn. It's usually a little box, jar or bag filled with chocolate covered beans. Beans stand for fertility and new life and this tradition dates far back in time as the Romans already used to hand 'em out but back then it were beans covered with honey.

Anyway, you can buy these gifts in many shops or make 'em yourself. As a maker of course, we make it ourselves. Obviously, you think there is about 9 months time to do so but really, in the beginning we didn't make it as things are still so uncertain, then halfway, the idea came to life but then you think: 'ahh, plenty of time' until about 2 weeks ago we realised things were going really fast. My partner made his share of the gifts. I made some samples but the mould I made didn't work properly so I had to make new moulds and they took a long time to dry. A bit stressful as I thought they would never be ready in time. But now all is in the kiln ready to be fired. I'm just finishing the name labels to hang on the gifts.

We've had a hard time choosing a name but we finally decided and since my partner doesn't know the gender, we have a boys and a girls name of course.  I'm glad I know the gender so that I don't have to make 2 type of name tags as they are quite a bit of work. :)

If you care to take a guess on the gender... :)