Friday, May 1, 2009

Dew sniffing and bird watching

Rare birds get up really early in the morning to go dew sniffing and bird watching & listening. I'm not usually one of them but today, I was! I got upat 4.30 AM to score some coffee and breakfast before my friend was coming to pick me up.
Apparently, it is a trip that a nature organisation (Natuurpunt) organises every year on the 1st of May. It was the first time that I joined in and saw so many bird fanatics together. Amazing how these people know what bird it is only from hearing him/her whistle.
And there were SO many birds whistling that I had a hard time to differ one from another let alone knowing which bird it was. The die hards hear a bird and then just look through their binoculars and find them at such speed that it's simply amazing.
It was such a lovely experience and all together there were about 72 different birds seen, heard and counted. I also enjoyed walking that early and see the dew over the fields and dew drops on the flowers. I love seeing and hearing nature wake up...
Here are some impressions:
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