Thursday, April 30, 2009

My creative space

I had to clean my worktable before I could show you my creative space today.
I love working on a clean table when I start with new things. Earlier this week, I made three tableaus for wall art feelings and now I can decorate them! Yay!
I have the first ones I made in the kiln right now & I made some colorsamples too so I'm eagerly waiting for the kiln to be done.
I love making these as I can just make up things as I go along. I think it's the same feeling like when you get new yarn as a crocheter, a new color paint as a painter or new fabric as a quilter,...And yesterday I went supply shopping - oh joy! I bought something which I will use in two future projects. And I'm going to make you guess what it is... and the one who gets closest can win a happy package. Happy packages are always a surprise, I never say beforehand what's in there! :)
So, this is for two different projects. I want to know from you what I'll be making with these.
And if you all guess it right from the start, it will be hard to pick a winner, so I also want to know how many of these plastic things are in both jars....
Good luck! I'll be announcing a winner next thursday around the same time! :)

OMG, give-away update: it's way too confusing I think!
There are lots of people who know the right answer but haven't written how many plastic thingies there are in the jars. There are also people wo are very close to the right number of how many plastic thingies there are in the jar but haven't told what they are for.
THEREFOR: everyone who leaves a comment will automatically enter the happy package give-away! :)

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