Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dream in progress... part 1

After buying the pattern of Babette's blanket, I had been pondering about what kind of yarn I would use and I got some really nice tips from Huismus and CabbagesandKingsArt.
However, I just LOVE cotton yarn. Don't know why, it feels nice and soft and I'm attracted to the happy colors I guess. So I'm making this blanket in cotton and if I ever make a second one, that will be in merino/acrylic yarn.The pattern calls for lots of repetitive work and I like to work in batches so I made the first 50 rounds of the two round squares. It's rather addictive I have to say.
The fact that I work in one batch makes that I can actually remember the pattern after a few so it's easy to do it in front of a good movie. I still have to sew in the ends - oh joy - but will do that after the second round is done. You can see the end result in the upper right corner of the picture. Now 48 more to go and the first batch is done...

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