Monday, June 15, 2009

More crochet experiments

In 2002/2003 I did a lot of experiments with liquid porcelain clay. I had this project in mind and it needed a certain whiteness & transparancy. When the normal liquid porcelain clay turned out to be too solid & not white enough for my taste so I had to search for the right recipe.
It took me more then half a year & lots of sample making to find the recipe that was just right.
People declared me crazy for being so determined to keep on making samples & wait for firing results. I loved the process of it all, it made me learn a lot about the products I used.

In 2006 I started the academy of fine arts with the idea of experimenting of drenching crochet & knitwork in liquid porcelain clay. Due to circumstances I didn't finish the year & the idea was left aside. Now I have my own kiln, I'm superhappy to pick up the idea where I left it.
And I found the jar of porcelain clay that I made in 2002 with a little left over so I had to make a few more samples & drench them in there. I'm convinced that the kind of yarn you use to drench is very important. It needs to be a yarn that holds liquid very well. I used cotton, acrylic, wool, hemp. I also crocheted with a large hook & with a small hook to see if that makes difference.I hope to fire the kiln tonight so I don't have to keep you in suspence too long for the results... I'm quite curious myself! :)
I also added a little sponge in there - but I tried that before and the result is awesome!