Monday, November 26, 2007

Creative cooking

After years of postponing buying a new kitchen, we just couldn't wait any longer. The old cabinets and stove were nearly falling apart and just started to look really sad.
I love to sit in the kitchen. It's my favorite part of our house.
My little atelier is part of the kitchen too as it's right above it, like a vide, so I'm actually always in the kitchen. I mostly do my felting in the kitchen as you can see on the pictures below. Sometimes it's just really messy when I need to cook and all my supplies are laying around. I like to call it 'creative cooking' :)
I love to cook. Unfortunately I'm on a elimination diet for my allergies at the moment, so I don't have fun cooking because I can hardly use any ingredients! :(
But hey, see me in a couple of weeks: all slim and goodlooking! Perhaps I should do a before and after. :)
I can't describe how much fun it is in this kitchen. We should have done it years ago because now we have all the comfort I already wouldn't want to miss for the world anymore!
But still a lot of work to do: put tiles up and paint it in a nice bright & happy color...
Especially for Renate, I took some 'before' and 'after' photographs!