Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Funky necklaces

On the Etsy-forum there was a thread with the title: 'Why I wouldn't buy from your shop'.
The idea behind the thread was to look at the shop of the last post and give two reasons (preferably more) why you wouldn't buy from their shop. e.g. not looking for that type of item, too expensive, excessive shipping costs, not my style/colours, bad photos, bad descriptions, ugly tag... whatever.
This may seem extremely negative but will in fact give sellers very positive directions in regards to what they can do better.

I love getting feedback and if it's negative, I'm always eager to improve things.
The critique somebody gave me was that I used boring colors.
So I let myself go, bought myself some hip, flashy colored merinowool and made these necklaces...
Now I do hope they will sell, otherwise I will sent them as my Secret Santa present! :) *LOL*