Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheeky or not?

Joeysdreamgarden send me a little note the other day. She used the word cheeky in it.
This word sounds so sweet to me that I made her explain it.
This is what it means to her:
It's when someone "bends the rules", whether they are written rules or a norm of behaviour, and it's done in an endearing or inoffensive manner. The opposite to CHEEKY for me would be "RUDE". So if people do something wrong (in my eyes) then they are either RUDE (being selfish) or CHEEKY (doing something for their own benefit but showing in some way that they are aware of that and trying to limit the amount of inconvenience to the other person.) So to me, it would be rude of someone to push in front of me in a queue in a shop, but I would find it cheeky if someone asked very nicely to go in front of me in the queue because they have a bus to catch. There is fine line between cheeky and rude... to me it depends on what mood i'm in whether i'll find somebody as being cheeky or rude!
To me, Joey is definately cheeky in the sweet way - she makes the loveliest bunny brooches and I'm sure that somewhere she's hiding away more fabulous bunnies...