Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy & lucky me

This morning I found a little surprise in our mailbox.
The dominomagnets of my artwork made by RunAliceRun arrived. I was speechless with how much care they were wrapped! They came in a beautiful box with padded material to protect them. Another pair came in a plastic sleeve with a lovely paper top. I'm a person who enjoys little things and details. After I enjoyed the care that was put into the packaging, I couldn't wait to open it. I absolutely love them! I can not rave enough about the quality of the work of Alice!
She was great to work with. She didn't moan when I asked about a silver lining, she happily made six great magnets. I think I will need to order some more in future. I have more ceramic work that would fit great on those magnets. So, if you ever are in search to personalize your work, I can definately recommand RunAliceRun!
Alice, you have succeeded very well in making me a happy girl today! Lucky me! :) Thank you, Alice!