Monday, April 7, 2008

No mess

Being a busy bee, I tend to leave bits and pieces lying about instead of putting them in the right spot. I work best in a clean and tidy workspace, so either I clean up before or after but when I'm busy at work, I'm not taking the time for that and things get out of hand... Then they don't disturb me all that much since I always find a way to tuck them away a bit further then were I work at that time. But after some time, I don't have any room left and I'm bound to tidy up my mess. So I did today... My atelier is not completely finished. There still need to be put wooden floors, a long workingtable, cabinets and it still needs to be painted. Meanwhile, I'm trying to gain as much space as I can with simple solutions as wooden wine crates. My partner had a few of them lying about and I claimed them to use them as little cabinets. I can put stuff in it and on top of it.I can make double mess that way - I like that! :) Now it's looking all good again - fresh start of the new week!