Monday, April 14, 2008

Whimsical coasters

These coasters are a special request from RunAliceRun! She has two great shops here on Etsy: RunAliceRun and PipingHotPapers. Alice likes to sit in her kitchen in the morning and wake up with a lovely cup of coffee. Therefore she wanted some whimsical coasters to brighten up her day. I loved making these coasters especially for Alice - she's a lovely personality that makes me laugh and smile quite often! :)These coasters are made with the wetfelting technique. I have used my own handdyed felt so there might be some colordifferences. I used two colors: turquoise and kobaltblue and I think it looks fabulous! Thank you Alice for giving me the opportunity to make these for you! They were a lot of fun making so I might add some to my shop sometime soon.