Friday, May 2, 2008

New color

A while back, I asked this on the critique-forum:
I have been told a few times now that my avatar looks like Target which happens to be a large chain of stores in the United States. Very commercial which is quite the opposite of Etsy. I'm from Europe and had not heard of Target until someone told me. I wonder if a lot of people have negative connotation with it and if I should consider changing the color. I would like to keep the logo as it's kind of whimsical and fun - I like it that it are not two straight circles. I also prefer a logo better then one of my items since I find it more recognisable. Any opinion would be appreciated and make me more deccisive about it... Thanks!
I got a lot of response to that and I actually got many new ideas for a new look.
It's just that I love the logo and I did not want to change it.
First I changed my old one in reverse. It looked like this:

I didn't like it very much so I went drastical and decided to change to a whole new color: LIME
This means I had to change my banner and the colors of my blog. A bit of getting used too but a spring clean can't do any harm I think. Over time, I will change my stationary too... I beter start making lime happy girls now...