Monday, May 12, 2008

Triptych Aus-three-lia

This is the result of an assignment in the academy of fine arts where we had to make sure that one could see nature into it.
As I had just returned from Australia, I still had it's impressive scenes of nature in my head. Actually, I 'was' impressed and that's one thing I wanted to show in this work.
There are some more photo's of details in my Flickr.
The immense pancake rocks were burned on my retina. So many colours and so impressive that it's hard to explain it in words. And it's also not easy to express this feeling in ceramics.
The mudflats are a different story. It's a place where the land meets the sea. Sometimes it's also named 'between-land', not exactly water but also not exactly land. Located two kilometres east of Derby town site, this wharf experiences the highest tidal range of any wharf in Australia, the tide can reach up to an amazing 12 metres. The Derby Jetty is at the eastern end of King Sound, an area of water known for its shifting mud banks and swirling tides making navigation very difficult.
It's a very strange feeling to walk over the mudflats as it feels like you walk on a sea of cotton wadding.
The baobab is a family of eight different trees. One of those appears in Australia. These trees grow between 5 and 25 meters high and have an enormous girth. The three holds water in his trunk to survive the dry season.This was my first assignment in the academy of fine arts and it remains the most special to me.
It has a prominent place in our home and in my heart.