Monday, October 6, 2008

And the challenge winner is...

I can't believe how many of our Streetteam members entered this weeks challenge.
Is it because we're all so CUTE? :)
Must be a very inspiring theme and it made me extremely happy to see so much cute stuff. It healed me day by day and I'm almost better...
I'm delighted for every entry that has been send in and I would love to congratulate and thank all the participants for making such great items that made my blog look so cute.
In total 37 people participated with a total of 41 entries. Yes, some people even sent in more then one listing! :)
23 people have been in the draw for being the new host. Some people have been a host already, some people let me know not being able to be next weeks host.
These are the ones that are in the running of being the host:
They are represented by my happy girls:
And the innocent hand (my partner's LOL) picked the winner:
It is a very beautiful and a very last minute entry for the challenge. Congratulations Arctida! :)