Thursday, December 11, 2008

Furoshiki gift wrapping

Furoshiki means 'bath spread' and in the old Japan, they were used to bundle and protect people's clothing at public bath houses. Over the years, their standard use has been to tie up any bundle you can imagine.
These traditional Japanese square cloths are getting a lot of attention lately, as a "green" alternative to wrapping paper and plastic shopping bags.
I think it's a fantastic way to wrap your gifts for the upcoming holidays.
Here's a great example how to wrap your gifts in the Furoshiki mode:

For more information on the history and cultural uses of furoshiki, check out this 1994 article from The Tomen Journal. The author explains that there's a knack to tying them so that they're the most useful, so don't be discouraged if the furoshiki shoulder bag you made doesn't work out the first time.
Enjoy your giftwrapping, enjoy your holidays! :)