Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dream in progress... part 3

Because the four row-squares take a lot longer to make, I haven't finished all the squares yet. I know the pattern by heart now so I can actually crochet this blindfolded! :)
Who would have tought that a few months ago? I still remember all my attempts on the slippers. The Babette blanket calls for 18 colors of yarn but after the two row-squares where finished, I found that the red was a bit too vibrant in comparison to the other colors. Instead of making all the squares all over again, I decided to add more colors of yarn to the blanket. I added seven more colors. So, I don't actually keep track of the suggested colors of yarn all the time - sometimes I just throw in a combination that I like a lot. I hope by doing this, that I'm not going to ruin the whole blanket... Off to finish 26 more of these...