Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to make a macramé doll?

I'm sure you had a go at macramé at least one time in your life. It used to be immensely popular and owls and plant hangers were made abundantly. Among kids, macramé is used to make little friendship bracelets and the use of different colors of yarn makes it a fun activity.
This tutorial shows you how to make a macramé doll which you can use as a promotional item, add it to your giftwrapping, make a key chain from it, add it to party favor bags,...
Here is what you need:
cotton twine, tape, scissors, a waterproof liner, wooden beads
Cut a piece of twine, fold it double and tape it onto the table with the folded side on the bottom.
Cut another piece of twine and put it underneath the folded twine.
Then take the end of the twine underneath and put it on top of the folded twine.
Now take the twine on the right hand, put it underneath the folded twine and make sure you put the end of the twine through the loop you created first.
Now pull on both sides. Your first macramé knot is ready.
Repeat the above process a few times. Always put the twine over the folded thread where you see the little bump (right in this picture)
Then you go with the twine through the loop on the other side.
Make about 5 knots.
Then you pull the wooden bead through the folded part of the twine.
You see a loop on top of the head now. This might be too long so pull the little doll's legs until you think it's long enough. Leave room to make a knot too.

Then make knots on all the ends of the doll for the arms and legs.
Cut off the twine that is too much.
Draw a little happy face on the wooden bead.
The little macramé doll is ready to conquer the world now...