Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dream in progress... part 7

The progress on the Babette blanket is about halfway now. I finished all the four row squares.
It seems like it took me forever but hey, there are 49 of them and it covers a lot of space layed out like this:
And the most boring part is yet to come: sewing in the ends! Yikes! :)
I might need to take a break for a bit as I have run out of some colors of yarn & I tried to get them at our local yarnshop but they only had a few of the colors that I needed. So as soon as I go back to my big supply shop in Holland, I'll be crocheting away some more...
I did try to attach a few squares and I think with some trial and error I'll be able to make it a blanket.
This one I just sewed as I though I had to do it but the seams are supervisible.This one is crocheted together... I would love to crochet it together but again, the seams are very visible.
Pfft! I knew ther must be another way to do this, but which one?
Off to the Flickr group 'Babette Blanket' for some answers as I was sure I was not the only one with this question. Some people used the mattrass stitch. What's that? I'm a complete stitching illiterate so you tube was my saviour. But I could see seams still...The search goes on and I found a blog where the Kathy Merrick tells the secret how she does it.
A step by step tutorial, just what I needed! :)
But OMG, I didn't realise that here would be so much sewing involved, I think I would have thought twice about this... :)